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Jerry's Good Deeds


Event Description

In celebration of turning 50 years old, Jerry Fennelly set out to do 50 good deeds in one year. Jerry wants to empower people to give back to the community.

Public and motivational speaking, financial consulting, hard labor, organizing charity events

  1. Dec 17 2009 - Rang bell for Salvation Army 10 AM to 6 PM. Sent out seven thousand emails to let people know to give money. Many did: George Sowa, Steve Jennings, Dr Anna Wojcik, Larry Dight, Peter Dawson, Melissa Tenzer, Walt Schmidlin, Peter Crowley, Kristen Applegate. Weather was 30 degrees, windy, but sunny. Took half hour lunch break Tom Stange covered me good to sit down. Back, started hurting around 4 PM, still had two hours. Made it. The same 4 men that dropped off the Salvation Army can said “I did well because it was full”. I figure, I raised one thousand dollars that day for the Salvation Army. Hard Labor.
  2. New Year’s Eve- On the way to work. I left late 8:15 AM, snowing heavy roads slick. Went though Rocky Hill. Came upon double spin out, separate incidents 150 feet from each other. One young man and one young woman, low mid twenties, both worked for Bloomberg Financial Markets. I ran from my car to find the man’s car empty, but perpendicular to the road up the curb against the bridge barrier, front end pushed in, air bag deployed. He approached (I saw the girl was with somebody and had gotten her car off the road already). I directed him to get the car off the road, directed his movement and traffic. Everyone is safe. I called the police to get assistance they called back and said help is on the way. Left the scene - I felt that I made everyone feel calm and it was OK. Debated this deed with my family. The deed is making people change from non stoppers to people who will stop and offer assistance.
  3. New Years day- On way to office. Now I am a stopper, see family on side of road with flat tire. Offer assistance they say their donut spares is flat too. They called their relatives, who they were visiting; they showed up with no spare. Remembered that I have an electric air pump in my car. Call my friend Dan who lives five minutes away for back up. We cut the wire for the pump by closing the passenger door on it. Dan immediately fixes wire; we pump the spare tire with enough air to get to a gas station. The couples from Plainfield with their ten year old boy are off with their relatives to enjoy the holiday.
  4. Gave at Food Drive: Went to Edison gave food to St James Food Drive. Wanted to personally go and see how it’s done what it takes and if there is a better way to do a food drive.
  5. Public Speaking: Great way to motivate people. Spoke to 71 people at Princeton Regional Chamber Of Commerce Breakfast. Panel was all about non profits and their work in the community. Karen Jezierny’ spoke. My topic was about The 50 Good Deeds WHY, WHAT and HOW. I know, I got to some people because they called me and said they did a good deed. That’s the concept about what I am doing: it’s to get people to pass it forward.
  6. Organized and ran a food drive for Homefront. Brought friends and their families to help. Peter, Melissa, Ellen, Eric, Brett, Miles and Ehab went door to door in Pennington (200 Homes) and spent the day at Pennington Food Market. Collected 2,500 pounds of food (which feeds 100 people for five weeks). Homefront was the charity we picked, they said they never did this before and would like to incorporate as a continual program. The deed here is finding a concept which charities can perpetuate into their overall strategies.
  7. Anchor House: Took Katie and Dominique, two runaways, to the Princeton Symphony. Deborah was their chaperone, the evening was great. Showed them a good time! I don’t know if I changed their life of running, but maybe they felt good about getting out of the city.
  8. American Red Cross: Simple concept: Get cans from American Red Cross put them in Hopewell High School and stores around town. Did this with The WHO organization, had my wife Nancy leading the charge, Ashley my daughter represented us and did get on TV. I simply got the cans and distributed in the stores. Raised $4,500.
  9. One Simple Wish: Well it wasn’t supposed to be about the money, but in reality it just comes down to money. Charities need it, they are designed for it. This charity grants wishes to kids. Bought someone a small musical organ. I thought out of all of the things I could purchase, this one might help that person’s ability to learn.
  10. Birthday Party at Elements: The Idea was to invite as many people, charge at the door ($35/head), ask people to fill my tip jar and get a couple of corporate donations. Worked great: 150 people came out to Elements restaurant. My tip jar raised $800, Bank of Princeton donated $500 and Marty Tuchman matched everything we raised. Total amount given to The Trenton Area’s Soup Kitchen was $4,800. Not bad for a fun networking event. Need to Thank Terri McIntrye, Steve Disler, Mart Tuchman and Nina Melcker for their help.
  11. Gave Blood: Simple deed did not hurt too much. Need to check before you go: if/which medications you are on; if you traveled to certain countries and you have to be over 110 pounds.
  12. St. Patty’s Parade: Helped the Friendly Sons and Daughters. Held the banner and brought candy to throw at the kids. Purchased $110 worth of candy almost made it to the end of the parade without running out of candy. Good Deed helped an organization who needs walkers, entertained the kids along the sidewalk and had my wife, Nancy and son Matthew involved fun day.
  13. Arts Council Of Princeton: Charities need buildings. Maybe I can help .The Arts council puts on a party every year. A must attend! The Arts Council held Pinot to Picasso event at The Technology Center At Princeton, Friday April 23, 2010. This event includes an extensive amount of art which was purchased food from many local restaurants and wine that flowed all night (450 people). The Technology Center is three miles from Downtown Princeton and two mile from downtown Hopewell on Carter Road.
  14. Arts Council of Princeton again: Volunteered to answer phones on a Tuesday night. Met my wife for dinner, went to Mediterra walked to The Arts Council, had her stay with me for two hours. Had a good time, helped out as a volunteer.
  15. SAVE-Animal Shelter: We walked the dog Honeybee Saturday April 24, 2010 at the Communiversity Day in Downtown Princeton. Honeybee is a friendly, two year old dog. Collected money for SAVE ($110). Successful day; we had three families looking at the dog with one of them coming in and adopting Honeybee on Monday. Nancy, Matthew Fennelly helped that day.
  16. Car Stop - Coming back from SAVE Downtown Princeton to my home, saw a car on side of road in right turn lane to Cherry Hill Road and Carter Road, with blinkers on. Drove past that "dangerous spot to stop”; turned around, went to help, woman’s sister pulled up from behind at the same time. Made the right call to pull over to where I parked. Women started the car we pushed the car across the street. Made sure everything was under control; and left. Busy day three deeds April 24, 2010.
  17. Rescue Mission: Donation drive - This is following the model of the food drive. Door to door, 300 homes, dropping off Pinwheels. If you leave your pinwheel out on May 1, 2010 then the Rescue Mission will come by your house and pick up any appliances, clothing and furniture that they can resell again to keep their organization successful. Pickup for May 1, 2010. Pennington, 300 homes distributed Colored Pinwheels with notice of pickup: 65 homes responded, 3 trucks filled; Matthew, Nancy Fennelly, Eric Kollewell and his daughter, Dan Fabrizio helped that day.
  18. Bike Stop - Two Princeton University Seniors (Dan and Pete) on side of road: I asked if they need help, they responded “Yes”. Flat tire, no pump, no spare tire. I happened to have both. Changed tire, took about 20 minutes. Dan was out to look for a job and Pete was off to Peru for thirty days after graduation.
  19. ETS Firecracker 5K Race Director: June 22nd 7:30 PM Starters Campus, Lawrenceville. Corporate Team Trophies, Age group awards every five years, food served. In need of Corporate, individual donations benefits The Princeton YWCA. Sent out 6,000 emails, advertised in US Route 1 paper, went to 13 races handed out 1,100 flyers and gave $500.
  20. Sunshine Dream Lift: May 4, 2010. Helped load handicapped kids going to Disneyworld with The Sunshine Foundation. My wife Nancy, Amy, her sister, and Nick her husband and myself gave a check for $2,000 in the honor of Dr. Armand Ruderman. Give money as a family.
  21. Junior League: Designer Showhouse & Gardens XVI - Woodacres – drove golf cart back and forth to the parking lot, picking up guests. Nancy, my wife, also volunteered as one of the presenter of the house.
  22. Rehabilitation Equipment Donation Drive for Your Resource: Donation-drive drop-off June 5, Hopewell Valley Bank Parking lot, on Denow Rd, Pennington. Collected 45 pieces of equipment, including an electric scooter.
  23. Sweeper for 5 Mile Race: Volunteered as sweeper. This is the person who runs behind the last runner in a race. Five miles, hilly, 86 degrees, one hour nineteen minutes: long time. Stayed with Tina as she navigated a tough course.
  24. Autism, New Jersey: 52 mile bike, Brookdale College: June 12, 2010: Rode with JP Ryan. I did 3 hours ten minutes, JP was 5 minutes faster. He got off the bike and said, “We hammered the course like it was a fifty mile time trial”. Felt like I had to do more: gave Autism NJ $500.
  25. St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church Princeton: annual Loaves and Fishes event on Friday, June 18, my wife, Nancy and I helped make over 800 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ten people for two hours. St Paul’s gives food away through The Trenton Soup kitchen on the weekend when normally they are closed.
  26. Military Donation Drive - Beach Haven: Canvassed 150 homes door to door. July 4th 2010 drop off 114 Kentucky Ave Long Beach Island. Collected Baby wipes, laundry soap, sun block shaving cream, saline drops, and Kleenex-basic items to be used in military actions. Neighbor at beach has son in military. Thanks to the whole neighborhood and especially my mother-in-law, Gail, over 17 cartons were shipped to troops in Afghanistan.
  27. St Gregory The Great Fair: Volunteered to sell 50/50 raffle tickets went Friday June 25th sold 160 tickets in three and a half hours, total paid out for 50/50 was $18,000. Nancy, my wife, worked the “break the plate” concession. Hard work, fun time.
  28. Robert Wood Johnson "Strides for Stroke 5K": Breaking down in my quest to help. Gave $1,000 contribution. Ran race July 8, 2010.
  29. Car Accident- First person on the scene. Directed traffic for 25 minutes. Small fender bender. Everyone was OK. Temperature was ninety degrees!
  30. Eagle Scouts: Helped Candidate do a project for a church in PA as part of his Eagle Scout project. Cleaned up playground and dug a drainage ditch, 20 feet long x 6 feet wide & 10 inches deep, put in black tarp & pancake blocks. Drainage should work. Two Hours.
  31. Arts Council of West Windsor: Exciting time for this growing Arts Council, new building, new classes. Volunteered at the Farmers Market they have on Saturday and Sunday. My wife and I worked their booth bringing parents and their kids to make Inca Masks and donate money. Two hours.
  32. YMCA: Hard Labor. Got truck from Brett (ICI), moved 350 bags full of giveaways for YMCA’s Fashion Show at Westin. 2 hours.
  33. Visit sick friend: My wife and I prepared and brought meatballs, spaghetti and bottle of wine for Ken. He is in a wheelchair for six weeks. Good Deed was making his wife (Cynthia) feel better but providing a meal and plenty of comic relief.
  34. Escalator stop: On my way for a flight at Newark Airport when I spotted a middle-aged woman falling head over heels on the escalator; she got up with one shoe in hand facing backwards. Ran to the escalator, caught her and guided her off, stabilized and sent her on her way. She will feel the pain when she sits down. My Good Deed response “rate” has increased.
  35. Trenton Area Soup Kitchen: Mentoring, tutored adult in reading for two and a half hours. October 15, 2010.
  36. Help a Friend: Helped Dan stain his deck. Hard labor. Two hours. Helping friends through their projects make it easier and faster.
  37. Plant a tree: Friends of Hopewell are reforesting the former Kuser Farm on the top of Baldplate Mountain. Sunday afternoon, October 17 for two hours. Nancy and I planted 29 trees. Hard labor. Starting a forest.
  38. Big Brothers Big Sisters: Halloween Party. We paid for and served pizza to the 150 people that came out with their Big Brother or Sister in costume. Volunteerism and monetary deed.
  39. Your Resource: A deed I have tried to do since the beginning… Giving something that you have from your business. I was able to give Your Resource storage space for free for six months. Your Resource collects and distributes used medical equipment to the needy. Business Donation.
  40. Friends of Hopewell Open Space. Pick up garbage on the side of the road. Nancy and I took the stretch from Federal City to Blackwell Road, did both sides in one hour fifteen minutes. Hard Labor. Deed is to pick up garbage.
  41. Catholic Charities: Donated conference table from work. It is easy to get rid of things that just take up storage space. Catholic Charities provides tutoring for people in Trenton so they need chairs, conference table, etc. Business Donation.
  42. PEI Kids: Glove Drive. Another drive. Sixth drive so far this year. Getting pretty good at it. Go door to door and hand out flyers (Use Bike save legs). Pick up the items the following week. Pennington area was the target again -- we have completely covered Pennington.
  43. Catholic Charities: Coat Drive. We are getting efficient combining the coat and glove in the same flyer and pick two different charities. The real deed here is the influence of the deed. A ten year old girl Anna did the food drive with us in March, she wanted to do her own drive, so we made “Anna ‘s Coat and Glove Drive”. I call this the Power deed where multiple deeds have occurred with one action.
  44. Hopewell Valley Recreation Foundation: had a dinner to raise funds to build a turf field. I went with an open mind and checkbook. Contributed by taking part in the silent auction, Nancy donated her homemade Tomato sauce basket (sold for $60) and we did some purchasing. We were active, social and willing to support a grass roots effort to help our school system. Deed is public and monetary support.
  45. Dress for Success: They supply mostly women’s clothing for underprivileged women looking for work. Went to their office and sorted clothes for two hours.
  46. Enable: Thanksgiving Day, Nancy, Matthew, Ashley and I served Thanksgiving Dinner to a group home of disabled men. This was a perfect deed for Thanksgiving and to have my family join me in the effort. Deed is sharing the art of giving with family.
  47. Lighting The Menorah: Opportunity to be part of a holiday celebration in downtown Princeton for the beginning of the Hanukkah Holiday. Spoke before the crowd on the quest of my Good Deeds and contributed to Jewish Family Services and Crisis Ministries. My wife joined me and was honored by being asked to light the second night on the Menorah. Public Speaking.
  48. Mobile Meals of Trenton/Ewing: I served as a runner for a morning of delivering and serving meals in the Cadwalder Park region of Trenton. Mobile meals works in coordination with Meals on Wheels to provide food to underprivileged people and those confined to their homes.
  49. Car Stop: A woman’s car died in the middle of an intersection at Whitehead Road and Sweetbriar Road. With the help of two other local people, pushed her car to safety. Deed: Helping people prevent the second accident.
  50. Donate Supplies to Hopewell Valley School System: Private dollars going to Public School System

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