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Leasing or purchasing a building is one of the largest commitments companies have to make a decisions about. More critically, the company is making a decision about itself and its future growth that it must live with for many yearsto come.

With so much at stake; a lease, purchase, or build to suit commitment warrants the careful study and attention accorded to a major capital investment. One major decision in this process is the selection of a Corporate Real Estate Specialist who will represent your company in the selection of the building best suited for your immediate and long-range goals.

Benefits of Corporate Tenant Representation:

NAI Fennelly will save valuable management time. Corporate Real Estate is our full time business and we devote all our time to understanding the complexities of the real estate market. This in turn will allow management to analyze concise real estate information and make educated decisions and guidance.

NAI Fennelly will provide the most accurate information available. We have the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions of owners to detect irrelevant, misleading, or incomplete information. We will compile accurate data based on a thorough and intensive investigation.

NAI Fennelly is a market leader in the Corporate Real Estate Industry. We bring the strength of a long history of completing significant transactions with owners and clients. This strength will indicate that your company is serious about locating a facility to the owners and not merely a looker to whom an owner would be reluctant to disclose true terms.

NAI Fennelly will assure your requirement has top priority. Our commitment to working in the real estate industry enables us to concentrate on the clients' needs and be available to that client twenty-four hours a day.

NAI Fennelly's concentration in a geographic region will enable our clients to view all competing and active transactions which may impact your success.

NAI Fennelly pledges complete confidentiality and assures no information will be released about your potential requirement without your permission.

NAI Fennelly's experience over the past 33 years in Corporate Real Estate will assist in the efficient, systematic, and relationship building process to successfully accomplish your corporate Real Estate strategies.

Our Vision

Our team is committed to delivering excellence throughout the process by understanding the company’s objectives, setting aggressive goals and formulating an effective plan utilizing designs for your company.

Our Mission

Our essential mission is to design and implement aggressive strategies to solve corporate and owner real estate issues locally, nationally and globally.

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