Company Overview

A client focused, full-service commercial real estate company

Company Overview

We have been providing corporate real estate services to New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1986. As a company, we develop lasting relationships by offering the professional resources and innovative technologies needed to ensure our clients the results they demand. Our approach is factual and straightforward, delivered in an objective, analytical way. We formulate real estate strategies from the client’s viewpoint and support them by applying our knowledge and expertise. Our core values of Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Impeccable Customer Service and Teamwork permeate our organization and our clients consider us like their in-house real estate employees. Our strength is working at the client’s direction as a flexible team and adjusting to changing environments.

Fennelly’s primary services include:


Site Search and Selection

We are a proven Commercial Real Estate firm capable of handling highly complex real estate strategies across a broad spectrum of property types. Whether it be a single building transaction, coordination of multiple locations, or overseeing a corporate portfolio, Fennelly will seamlessly coordinate every project with a team member for large, small, or specialized real estate services nationally and globally.

Case Study
Corporate Headquarters Search during COVID-19 with limited client access to fly from overseas.
Switzerland based Confidential Technology company purchased 47,000 square feet of office/laboratory space in a building in Plainsboro, NJ in November 2020. The Fennelly Team understood the specific power and critical data for clean room capabilities and other specialized technology requirements which Fennelly then created an off-market opportunity for the client and met the corporate strategic plan for the company's North American Headquarters.


Industrial Sales and Leasing

Fennelly Helps companies plan and execute their logistic real estate plans.

Fennelly sells factories for companies including: Lenox China's 475,000 square foot plate factory, the Goodall Rubber factory 160,000 square feet, IMO Delaval Turbine factory 400,000 square feet and the SWM Paper Mill 475,000 square feet. The Fennelly Team has in-depth environmental knowledge and experience in selling closed manufacturing plants. Fennelly creates a strong pool of buyers and or tenants for this specialized category.


Office Sales and Leasing

Leasing office buildings has been a strength of the Fennelly Team. Office buildings offer unique challenges with the tenants asking for more services including on-site management, cafes/food trucks, touchless doors, and access areas. Fennelly will help you with onsite leasing and management services making your building our responsibility for day-to-day operations.
Fennelly sells commercial real estate to corporate occupants in the range of 2,000 to 60,000 square foot office medical technology buildings.

Case Study
4250 US Route One - Princeton Marketing Assignment
40,000 square foot multi-tenant single story office building. Fennelly's Team leased the building from empty to eighty percent and sold to a corporate occupant for $5,300,000 in June 2020.


Corporate Land Sales

Selling Excess land for Private Owners and Corporations. These land sites are valued based upon capacity and use. Fennelly's experience has developed into a consistent 200 acres sold per year. Their expertise of environmental, wetlands, and local zoning has helped Companies and Private Owners attain the highest price.

Case Study
Private Owner awarded Fennelly three separate parcels to sell. Fennelly sold and closed these sites, and kept the Owner up to date by attending the Planning Board Meetings.


Property Disposition

Whether the disposition is office, industrial, medical, technology or warehouse facilities, vacant or investment, the Fennelly Team can help you realize the rate of return desired for the sale of your commercial real estate.
Investor assets is at the heart of Fennelly’s team goals of achieving the highest return for our clients. Excellent market data in micro markets throughout New Jersey.

Case Study
160,000 square foot, six building mixed use office warehouse condo portfolio. Fennelly recommended breaking the properties up and selling each one individually for the highest return. This satisfied the sellers tax obligation by spreading the capital gain over a three-year period and attaining 40% higher return than selling the portfolio to one Buyer.


Property Management

Fennelly’s Team manages 200,000 square foot of commercial buildings in Princeton area, NJ. Our strength is taking the management on site creating an environment conducive for leasing empty offices, warehouses or factory buildings.

Fennelly has been the best management group in my 15 years as a small business owner, hands down. The rates are fair and their attentiveness when issues arose with our rental space was second to none. I can’t recommend them enough and we are extremely pleased with our experience.