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  • Fennelly negotiates on behalf of Tenants and Buyers to achieve the best economic outcomes in Office, Technology, Medical and Warehouse Real Estate specialties locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Fennelly works with Office Occupiers to identify the right location to attract the best talent, and negotiate and utilize design to provide an optimum and safe environment for their employees.
  • Fennelly work with Technology and Healthcare providers in solving their more complex real estate solutions including Bio, Chemical, ISO manufacturing facilities and Surgery Centers in areas of scientific population centers.
  • Fennelly works with your Logistics Team to carry out expansion and strategic positioning warehouses near ports, highways and rail lines for the easy movement of your product.


When to begin lease renewal negotiations

  • The Lease Analysis Process can take several months in the beginning of the process. Basically getting our clients educated and confident about making a monetary based business decision.
  • The back end is the interior work required, which can also take several months. So 14 months to 18 months from lease expiration is adequate.
  • The goal is to eliminate liability.


The special issues of subleasing commercial real estate space

  • Achieving maximum rental through aggressive marketing - this issue is of paramount discussion with a surge of sublease space on the market as a direct result of work from home adaption during Covid-19 shutdown. Supply (vacancy in office, warehouse, retail), positioning (benefits of space/building) and Gross rent are important in the analysis and success of eliminating economic liability.
  • From day one, we get granular, delving into the assignment. Every component is reviewed. Plans, guidelines, and budgets are thoroughly vetted, ultimately Closing the circle of communication with a real estate strategic mission aggressively and tactfully implemented. From tight feedback loops to methodical check-ins, our teams and yours are always aligned.


The importance of building management in commercial real estate leasing

    The strength of the property management team will accelerate the success of retaining Tenants, particularly in the office field.


How to select the right commercial real estate location for your company


The Benefits of Buying

  • Long term financial commitment. Need to ask the question... Will my business stay this size through my business cycle?
  • Stabilized costs and depreciation benefits to Owners.
  • Increase net worth of Owner.


The Benefits of Leasing

  • Greater flexibility in Term.
  • Monetary incentives by Landlord may out way economic benefit of Owning.

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